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Accelerate Cloud Journey: From Cloud-adopters to Cloud-forerunners

  • By Content Desk
  • February 20, 2020
  • 3 minutes read
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Today, cloud technology has matured to a level that it has become an integral part of modern IT infrastructure. Having said that, cloud has revolutionized the way businesses interact with data and services. It simplifies the access to application and software anytime, anywhere with just an internet connection.

With the changing market dynamics, businesses face complexities such as security issues between physical systems, cost management, application performance, data migration, workload balance between multiple platforms and so on.

This drills down businesses to start migrating data on cloud and begin their cloud adoption journey. Most of the cloud journeys begin with assessments, pilot planning, discovering workload migrations, overcoming security and compliance issues. While the end results businesses expect from this cloud journey is to embrace automation, easy accessibility, flexibility and security.

As per Gartner Research, Vice president Sid Nag foresees an emerging wave of Cloud adoption with a growth forecast of 17% in 2020 and up from $227.8 billion in 2019 to $266.4 billion in 2020 – Source

As per Gartner’s Vice President’s proclamation ‘Cloud Technology’ is going to be a significant contributor in business transformation journey of many organizations in 2020. This is because the cloud ecosystem offers potential to engage more and more customers with efficiency, flexibility and strategy.

In past few years, the cloud adoption and scaling has raised. But somewhere between adopting and scaling many enterprises have failed in successful cloud transformation journey and reasons can vary. Some may have lost focus, legacy infrastructure, unwilling to adopt new technologies and many more. However, identifying effective contributor in cloud journey can be the key.

Contributors of Cloud Adoption Journey

To successfully exploit cloud capabilities, enterprises must take up DevOps initiative for more agile and scalable business functioning. This involves the classic combination of people, process and technology in alignment to overall business strategy. The current level of adoption of Cloud in combination with DevOps will deliver automation, continuous improvement, iteration and faster feedback loops.

Embracing cloud culture mostly falls back because of people unable to equip themselves in new operating environments. The cloud technology requires different skillset, an advanced array of new tools and most importantly different attitude for adopting change. Start your cloud adoption journey  with four important pillars: experimentation, calculative finance, data and Cloud-culture.

For businesses, who are skeptical to adopt cloud technology can choose a technology partner and embrace cloud strategy as one of the cornerstones to derive newer business insights.

Cygnet Infotech’s Role in Accelerating Business Processes with Cloud Solutions

Cygnet Infotech has rich experience in delivering Cloud technology solutions, manage high-scale applications and help businesses to swiftly navigate through intricate cloud journey according to their business needs.

Enterprises can envision many business benefits such as new strategic IT objective, reduced operational expenses, unlocking newer opportunities and database scalability by capitalizing on cloud technology.

Cloud Architects at Cygnet Infotech are expert in providing cloud advisory, implementing, migrating and managing cloud infrastructure successfully. We enable businesses to achieve competitive edge among peers by offering manifold business benefits such as:

Seamless collaboration and automation

Cygnet Infotech’s cloud experts can automate processes using DevOps to accelerate your cloud migration journey. Creating a cloud-ready approach ensures faster collaboration and easy data accessibility. Even the critical applications perform optimally when migrated on cloud.

Cost effective and business continuity

Our Cloud back-up solution save businesses from data outages, data tampering and data corruption. We provide easier data access, avoid single point of failure by providing clients own data replication site for seamless accessibility and business continuity.

Risk reduction and security

Security is most critical reason that businesses hesitate to adopt cloud. Cygnet Infotech beats such security barriers and provides top-class security from unauthentic, unreliable data sources.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for hours to access application, data or software with business barriers like storage and performance issues. Cloud Consultants at Cygnet Infotech evaluates all these challenges and provides an integrated cloud platform which is efficient, collaborative, secure and cost effective.

To accelerate your cloud adoption journey, get in touch with Cygnet Infotech’s Cloud experts at or call us on +1-609-245-0971 and experience the unmatched potential of Cloud Technology.

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