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Accelerating Customer Experience Through Artificial Intelligence

  • By Content Desk
  • March 27, 2019
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a conventional sci-fi movie.  Machines are getting smarter day by day, and organizations across the world are determining ways on how they can leverage artificial intelligence to deliver consumer experience and increase engagement. Advances in AI have created opportunities for enterprises to serve customers all around the world and effectively compete with competitors.

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Enterprises can now improve customer experiences by predicting customer’s needs using artificial intelligence. Many customer-centric brands are deploying AI technologies deliberately at key customer touchpoints. To illustrate the potential of AI in the real world, we have assembled some examples of AI-powered solutions – showing that five-star customer experiences can be just a step away for forward-thinking companies.

Let’s see how Artificial Intelligence can enhance an enterprise’s efforts for customer experience.

Predictive Demand Planning Solution (AI) for Transport Industry

One of the most promising applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) is that of improving demand forecasting through predictive analytics.  AI learns from past experiences and then correlating the data to the current scenario giving relatively more accurate analytics.

For instance, an AI-based demand forecasting and fulfillment solution can drive the transport industry (Taxi Operators, RTA, Fleet Operators, etc.) with intelligence.

The intelligence in the solution is powered by industry standard algorithms using Machine Learning & Deep Learning that use historical data on a SaaS based platform. This generates forecasts for vehicle demands based on – location, time and events.

Another aspect of the solution ties into the population, weather, and event data from 3rd party data sources. This market demand forecast can then be used by a dispatch management team to tap into unfulfilled requirements.

Key Features:

  • Area-specific demand analysis & prediction
  • Intelligent dispatch system
  • Revenue generation v/s prediction
  • Demand-based dispatch & tracking
  • Video / camera feed analysis using image processing
  • Analytics reports for operation, compliance & audit
  • Forecasting analysis reports for trips and revenue trends
  • Driver & vehicle management
  • Potential earning predictions for drivers
  • Live demand cluster on map
  • Search specific area using search filter
  • Navigation to high demand area

The transport industry can serve the needs of Visitors, Business Professionals, Tourism Industry clients, such as, Hotels, Tour Operators, Airlines as well as Corporate and Government clients. The transport service provider can offer quick services and improve accuracy of the business model with the help of AI-based forecasting solution.

AI to Transform Employee Experiences & Human Resource Processes

As an enterprise, it is almost impossible to provide personal assistants to all employees. They might not have enough space, and the costs would be too high, and without enough ROI to make the effort worthwhile. In this case, the AI-powered chatbot will act as a virtual assistant for an individual employee. It will also allow them to focus on the most prominent aspects of their job roles. This personal assistant will allow them to perform several tasks within a few minutes.

Employees can now ask or message a chatbot, just like a personal assistant that will be always there to resolve their issues, provide quick answers, and perform other time-consuming HR related tasks from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Scheduling, canceling, Setting alarms for meetings
  • Book a meeting room
  • Book business trips and hotels
  • Solve accounting/taxation queries
  • Set alerts and reminders for upcoming events
  • Manage ongoing projects
  • Search department wise employees
  • Follow up with clients
  • Get answers to most internal FAQs
  • Collect project details

All the above points offer a one-stop solution for any enterprise with employees. Apart from that, the chatbot also trains new employees about company policies, conducts training sessions, and helps them reduce work stress through personalized messages and emojis. It will also help them with their projects by providing project guidelines and will keep all employees in the loop at every stage of major announcements by cutting down long email trails. Enterprise-grade chatbots allow organizations to automate all the above and more, by simply redirecting all activities towards a messaging platform.

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Artificial Intelligence to Expand Marketing and Advertising Marketplace

The competitors’ advertising practices can make a major impact on the effectiveness of enterprises’ own marketing and advertising performance. In such cases, the AI-based online marketplace can attract and promote more media users (advertisers, podcasters, producers, networks, etc.). This can be easy access to spend and trend among advertisers that helps enterprises to craft better solutions to provide better customer experiences while saving time.

Key Features:

Ad Agencies

  • Availability matching
  • Insights to Ad Agencies


  • Suggestions to podcasters on genres, content rate and timeslots

Network Admin

  • Suggestion to participate in campaigns
  • Suggestions about star podcasters and rates

The AI-powered advertising solutions with the broadest scope of customer service differentiate the traditional advertising methods in the marketplace.  The intelligent technology also allows media users to decode “advert paths” and discover the ad-tech intermediaries on every ad at a level of detail that no competitors can match.

To follow the journey with intelligent technology, it requires a blend of capabilities, starting from design thinking to knowledge engineering. Cygnet Infotech has an approach that changes the traditional ways of customer engagement and turns them into systemic and strategic solutions.

Contact our solution experts at +1-609-245-0971 or email us on to develop a powerful, enterprise-wide capability to empower employees, satisfy customers, tap into competitive marketplaces and drive a fresh spurt of growth into businesses.

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