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How CIOs Including Top Emerging Technologies in Their Agenda

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  • April 10, 2019
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Each organization is now on the look-out to adopt emerging technology as the next smart move which determines their success in the near future. But, how do you decide which set of emerging techs, at what scale and at which level of implementation, is best suited to your business? How do you strategize to capitalize on the trends currently disrupting your industry? That’s what the Chief Information Officer dedicatedly does for business organizations.

Looking back, we can see the value emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT offer. Currently, they are the key drivers of business development and transformation among numbers of organizations. As companies try to keep ahead of the curve of these dynamic technology trends, they clearly need to understand the new trends of their respective industries.

In many enterprises, the chief information officer (CIO) is the high-tech addition to the top management and the scope of their work is growing fast both in numbers and in value – it is rapidly evolving.


CIOs prioritize the systems to be a step ahead to create business value, champion innovation, and lead as a trusted advisor. They are leaders who are always ready to embrace new technologies and operating models to remain a relevant part of the digital business strategy. Technology predictions are always popular among CIOs as they barrel into a new year.  This influences their priorities and makes it easier to ascertain how the technology adoption will change roles, the company’s structures, and its existing business model.

According to the recent IBM Global C-suite study, “24 percent of CIOs saying that they see themselves as technological visionaries and another 21 percent consider themselves transformational business leaders”

Along with the ongoing need to digitize the enterprises, pioneering CIOs are transmuting user experiences by adopting latest technologies, all along watching for forthcoming interruptions and opportunities to disrupt.

Here is the list of technology trends CIOs should focus this year:
Trending the trends
(Source – Deloitte)
Emerging technologies are sparking a fire

Digital revolution is not a destination, it is an endless track where the path keeps changing and faster vehicles will keep coming to the race.

As CIOs are still mounting up with their efforts around migrating cloud and advancing analytics, they are also simultaneously experimenting with emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Augmented Analytics, Empowered Edge and other evolving technologies that can modernize operations, advance customer satisfaction and even drive new ROI. Therefore, many organizations are facing the uppermost urgency to include innovative technologies to the company before their competitors do.

How CIOs integrate emerging technologies

Currently, CIOs lead digital transformation by integrating emerging technologies to keep their enterprises competitive. Here are key takeaways from their agenda:

Be aware of emerging technologies and check the use cases to meet customer demands

Along with the current IT project and difficulties, a CIO must be aware of future technology and trends: What are the best suitable emerging technologies for the enterprise? Which one of them seems sensible for their business? What solutions they could bring to the table and how?

Many CIOs focus on analytics and AI to improve their products, services and most importantly their customer experience.  Others prefer to use Blockchain for their business enhancement and secure transactions. On the other hand, there are some who opt for an optimized combination of AI, IoT and Blockchain for their business.

Usually, the CIO’s role involves important decision-making where they must transfer all their technical knowledge into a sole strategy.

When it comes to customers, enterprises have to offer inventions that are relevant, trending and focus on the customer’s benefits. CIOs spend most of their time and effort to understand what consumers need, for today and tomorrow.

Be creative when decoding IT solutions into corporate innovations

Cutting-edge CIOs are not just local technology experts, they are experts on the venture itself. For them, technology implementation without business insights are useless, which mostly fails to solve the relevant business problems.

CIOs have transitioned to the boards from the back office and rightly so, since no boardroom conversations happen without them. They need to be creative and well-established into the business while implementing IT solutions into corporate innovations. This approach assists them in effectively utilizing new technologies to solve complicated business challenges.

Leverage partnerships for the revolution to merge resources and take extra risks

Progressively, CIOs must prove their real leadership quality around technologies. This demands a hybrid skillset not only restricted to the technology area but encompasses ‘a jack of all-ness’ across various departments. That means investment into the existing talent’s upbringing, bringing new talent and occasionally taking advantage of another company’s talent.  In the competition of digital transformation, enterprises need to partner with other emerging companies, reach out to more industries and level up towards competitors.’

Innovative CIOs can see the future of emerging technologies as the bigger picture of the business. They always look for opportunities to revolutionize and for talented people and partners who help convert their technology vision into a reality.

To help CIOs and technology leaders step ahead with the latest developments and trends, Cygnet Infotech offers a combination of innovative thinking, perceptions, and practical advice for CIOs–all intended to help your enterprise try new expansions in the IT landscape. For more details, contact our technology experts at Cygnet Infotech at +1-609-245-0971 or drop us an email at

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