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How Emerging Technology Help Beat Air Pollution

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  • June 5, 2019
  • 3 minutes read
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World Environment Day is organized annually on 5th June initiated by United Nations with an attempt to combat environmental problems by encouraging positive environmental action through awareness and participation.  

Every year, UN focuses on critical environmental problem to commemorate the day. This Year, China is hosting the main event and chooses ‘Beat Air Pollution’ as the theme – which is now a leading cause of one of the biggest public health problems on the planet.

WHO has gone to lengths to say that Air Pollution has emerged as “The New Tobacco.” It is taking lives.

According to the World Health Organization, every year, around 7 million people die prematurely due to diseases caused directly or indirectly by air pollution. United Nations Environment Programme suggests that:

  1. Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide.
  2. It damages crops directly impacting Agricultural Economy.
  3. 92 per cent of the global population live in places with unhealthy air quality.
  4. Indoor air pollution kills 4.3 million people every year.

That’s why it’s crucial to reduce air pollution whether indoor or outdoor to make our living spaces sustainable for the future.

We need the civil society to act decisively to combat this global crisis before it’s too late.  

In fact, Governments world over have already begun taking initiatives to spread awareness on ways that could reduce Air Pollution. Many organizations have started using technology and innovations to combat this menace.

As inhabitants of this planet, it is our moral responsibility to cooperate and contribute towards efforts in reducing the amount of air pollution.

Emerging Technology” is fortunately giving us the scope to saving the Planet. No wonder it is being touted as “the Savior” that can find sustainable solutions to save the planet.

Currently, the accurate monitoring of pollutants in the Air is proving a major challenge due to their scattered nature. That’s where emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things come to rescue. They help businesses while saving the planet.  

Innovative technologies are the new frontier for taking environmentally friendly Smart City initiatives. Utilizing IoT sensors, mobile-enabled devices, and machine learning algorithms, can easily monitor the level of pollution in the air. In addition, AI assists in reducing the harmful emissions propelled into the air by providing actionable insights. This is extremely necessary to improve air quality before it goes downhill.

For instance, in 2008, during the Beijing Olympics, government authorities faced a problem of increasing pollution in the city which could affect the health of athletes and visitors. Consequently, the government had to take a quick action to overcome this issue. They declared immediate factory shutdowns and enforced a restriction on driving which had a severe impact on the region’s economy.

Later, realizing the importance of technology, the Beijing government used Artificial Intelligence to reduce the chances of high pollution in the city.

Similarly, In Singapore where air pollution levels were hazardous, a team of researchers experimented with sensor technology AI and IoT to get reliable and accurate environmental data. Using relevant real time insights from such data, the government could design programs and take proactive actions to address air quality issues.

Several such breakthroughs are being achieved in many countries today. These set excellent examples of how emerging technologies can inarguably serve the Planet to improve urban sustainability and quality of life.

Thanks to the new sensing technologies that can accurately pinpoint and monitor the quality of our environment!

Unless, we – the growing population are willing to invest in technology through acquisition to support the environment, it will be difficult – nearly impossible to save the planet.

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