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How to drive incremental value from your SAP ERP solutions?

  • By Content Desk
  • December 25, 2019
  • 3 minutes read
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Technology evolution is occurring at an astonishing rate. Enterprises are already on the path to digital transformation. They are leveraging new technologies to generate additional business value and cater to changing customer needs.

In the last two decades, major businesses around the world have adopted SAP to transform and ultimately run their businesses better. The adoption of ERP suites has dramatically increased.

Standalone applications have evolved into a comprehensive integrated suite of applications. ERP is an integrated ecosystem having diverse functionalities including embedded analytics, mobile functionality and enhanced user experience to meet business requirements.

But despite thousands of implementations, only about 50% of SAP customers think that they can really measure the business value of their sap implementation.

So how can Enterprises optimize their SAP ERP implementation?

As a corporate leader, are you also evolving your core systems? If not, you are limiting the potential of digital transformation.

In the pursuit of digital transformation, you need to get more value out of your enterprise systems – key transactional systems that your business depends on. In addition, your customer-facing systems, business operating models and processes must:

  • Develop innovative differentiators
  • Address challenges after SAP implementations
  • Gain insights on the actual business value realization
  • Capture business benefits achieved from end-state technology implementation

At Cygnet Infotech, we assist our clients achieve better ROI by covering the entire application lifecycle right from planning, implementing, deploying and optimizing the SAP application.

Our value realization framework can:
  • Evaluate each aspect of your SAP environment,
  • Provide support across all the core ERP modules,
  • Employ regular health check of the system to eliminate redundancies,
  • Identify the potential need for modifications or additional capabilities,
  • Fine-tune your system and software.

For example, Cygnet Infotech engineers interacted with the client to understand their SAP structure, and processes. Being an authorized SAP partner, we provided a SAP solution relating to the submission of business placewise Trial balance report to meet compliance with GST requirements.

How Does Cygnet Infotech Value Realization Work?

Our SAP value realization ensures that your business consistently innovates quickly identifying and strategizing your sustainable SAP investments.

Value Realization
Discovery Phase
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Define success metrics for benchmark performance
Realization Phase
  • Assessment and delivery of upgrade proposals, project plans and milestones
  • Facilitating end-to-end architecture development
Optimization Phase
  • Ensure processes deliver targeted performance post deployment
  • Reviewing current process, gaps and opportunities for improvement

Our value realization approach is tailored to the Enterprise’s unique requirements.

During the discovery phase, we outline the value roadmap by analyzing the business processes and workflows. We then align the technology and the stakeholders to strategize a customized solution to derive the best value through implementation.

Before shifting focus to the optimization phase, it is crucial to assess the project plan and complete some standardization groundwork first. At Cygnet Infotech, we facilitate end-to-end architecture development right from hardware support to the establishment of the application layer. In addition, we also provide testing and GoLive support that relentlessly keeps generating improved business outcomes.

To optimize business value, you need to ensure your SAP systems are delivering targeted performance post deployment.

Right from security monitoring within your SAP landscape to performing regular security health-checks to implementing new SAP innovations for industry-specific business processes, we ensure superior quality output every step of the way.

Our value realization approach can be applied at any stage of the SAP application life cycle. We focus on identifying the optimal ways to reduce your total cost of ownership, TCO, while increasing the overall value realized through flexible and cost-competitive applications.

Our focus does not end with developing the right solution for you. As a part of the analysis, we assess whether any new SAP updates or technologies need to be introduced post implementation. In addition, we try and understand whether the implemented solution can resolve issues, improve user experience and generate business benefits all while providing a competitive advantage. Every dollar invested in your enterprise system must generate business value and provide demonstrable return.

SAP experts at Cygnet Infotech can help your enterprise realize your SAP implementation value supported by our 100% agile approach.

No matter where you are on the SAP landscape, whether discovering, implementing, or optimizing, we can help you on your SAP journey to achieve high performance. Get in touch with experts at Cygnet Infotech today at +1-609-245-0971 or to know more.

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