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Why Codeless Test Automation is the Next Frontier for Quality Assurance

  • By Content Desk
  • May 20, 2020
  • 4 minutes read
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With the ever-growing need for a faster and frequent software release, speed to market, introduce new features, and high-quality products, test automation has become the need of the hour. It helps achieve these by eliminating the process of manual testing activities.

It has always been at the forefront in enabling enterprises to test their products efficiently even in stringent deadlines.

The global automation testing market is expected to grow from USD 12.6 billion in 2019 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 18.0% during the forecast period. – MarketsandMarkets

The role and relevance of Test automation is increasing with the adoption of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment and Continuous Testing practices in the agile development cycle.

However, quick turnaround time and precision sits at the core of deliverable that results in the high-pressure atmosphere for the team. Also, the frequently changing scope of work and pressing demands for flawless execution further adds to the dilemma.

Unfortunately, if QA teams follow the step-by-step process of writing code to automate large test cases can reduce their testing pace. Thus affecting the entire project’s workflow.

The ever-changing software testing industry demands the need for a robust testing mechanism in the future to “release more and release faster”.

test automation

In the traditional Test Automation approach, the ‘Record and Playback’ feature helped to automate the test development process. Post this, testing even became easier by using this feature for repetitive tasks with the parameterization of the test data. Besides, the automation framework came into existence solving multiple issues related to the uniformity of scripts, faster testing process, frequent regression testing, etc.

This transition has pushed organizations to constantly look for new approaches and strategies to successfully implement automation. To take full advantage of test automation, testing should be accessible to those who can code as well as to those without having coding skills – to democratize test automation

This leads to the foundation of unconventional script-less test automation – Codeless Test Automation.

New Business Dynamics with Plug-and-Play Codeless Test Automation

Codeless testing takes away the burden from testers of coding or writing test scripts. It allows test engineers to create test cases by using drag and drop, button selection, action recorder, playback and add operations to them.

Codeless Test Automation is supported by a test automation tool that has a user-friendly GUI with provisions to execute test cases in multiple browsers and environments. The host of tools offer varied functionalities, but selecting the tool that allows you to customize as per your requirements is crucial. An ideal tool should truly serve all of your testing goals.

The ultimate aim is to eliminate programming complexity, enhance the productivity of the test engineers, bring quality in the product through optimal test coverage while handling the real-world complexity of testing. All can be achieved with plug-and-play codeless testing.

Perks of Codeless Test Automation

Codeless Test Automation offers several benefits by incorporating it into your product testing cycle. Some of the prime advantages include:

Minimized Time Wastage

The time required for automating tests/scenarios is significantly reduced through a pre-defined set of actions used to prepare test scripts. Thus, automating test cases becomes easier and more comprehensive.

Easy to Scale Automation Scope

Allows running test cases in multiple environments such as desktop, web and virtual applications. To be specific, automated tests also support multiple browsers and diverse interfaces across applications making it easy to scale from one to multiple applications.

Free Resources for Improved Testing

Enables QA engineers to spend more time exploring application testing, analyzing test results, focusing on business/functional aspects and detecting errors, bugs, etc. instead of writing code and constantly struggling with technical know-how.

Easy To Train Resources

With codeless testing, even the non-functional team can create test cases without the knowledge of coding or programming language. Thus, it makes it easy to train non-technical test engineers or business analysts, allowing them to contribute to test automation.

Low Maintenance

Test maintenance becomes less time-consuming and cost-effective as the need for code-based debugging is negligible.

Codeless Automation Testing is a perfect fit for agile projects where the deadlines are stringent and scope is limited. The interactive GUI and codeless automation of scripts build the solid foundation to scale and expand future testing strategies.

TestingWhiz — The Codeless Testing Tool Built To Scale Automation Testing

TestingWhiz is Codeless Test Automation Tool that automates, executes and manages test cases effortlessly & efficiently. Moreover, the tool can seamlessly integrate with other popular tools, frameworks, databases, and platforms for ensuring seamless automation and test case execution across different environments and conditions for Software, Web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Web Services and API testing.

It has been developed to solve the issue of software testing and generate ROI for businesses and enable continuous testing achievable for QA teams.

Codeless test automation empowers non-testers. There is no pressing need to learn the code or understand in-depth testing frameworks or the technology underlying an application to create, maintain, and execute automated tests with the right tool.

Want to know more about codeless testing? Be sure to check out TestingWhiz. Our dedicated test automation experts assist you quickly implement new features, shorten release cycles, and stay updated with market trends to swiftly upgrade products. For any queries or more information, drop us an email at

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