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Why is Salesforce a Lynchpin for Superior Customer Experiences?

  • By Content Desk
  • April 13, 2020
  • 3 minutes read
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Salesforce has outperformed the fourth-quarter revenue by $4.35 Billons, up 35% Year-Over-Year and is anticipated to grow with an estimation of $2.1 Billons in financial year-2021. – Salesforce

Every investor, business owner, and partner is supremely proud of their investment choice in technology and is amazed by Salesforce’s compelling performance in the last quarter of FY2020. There is a surge in Salesforce adoption and is anticipated to grow unprecedently in the upcoming years. It is because Salesforce has gained the trust of businesses and evolved as one of the most innovative and comprehensive CRM solutions, capable of delivering wide-range of solutions to all businesses.

Gone are the days when businesses hosted their own server to store their customer data with a massive loss of time and cost invested. The evolution of Salesforce has changed this scenario. With Salesforce businesses can draw a cohesive view of gathered data from different connected departments such as marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT and work as a single unit of information.

Although, there are multiple CRM platforms already available in the market but how Salesforce is different and a leading enterprise solution for managing and streamlining critical business operations?

Salesforce – A Distinct CRM Platform

Expanding a business is not a cakewalk. It requires the business to boost sales and concurrently satisfy each customer’s personalized demand through their business offerings. It is important to strike a balance between business offerings, market dynamics, and needs of new and existing customers. Any CRM can provide a common platform to businesses to streamline operations and exploit the need of the customers. But what makes Salesforce a distinct choice from the rest.

Salesforce CRM offers ‘cloud services’ which enable businesses to securely store data, simplify accessibility and high-end performance to meet the most demanding needs of customers. The cloud hosting feature of Salesforce reduces overhead cost of infrastructure, maintenance of servers, and shrink resource cost while boosting productivity and providing real-time access.

Salesforce offers a variety of different cloud services like marketing cloud, health cloud, app cloud, community cloud, analytics cloud, IoT cloud, chatter cloud, and commerce cloud. This allow users to analyze various data, maintain communication forums with customers, implement sales strategies and grow faster.

Customers Success – The Heart of Salesforce

CRM platforms are renowned to provide an integrated view of customer journeys so as to improve customer retention and enhance customer relationships. Salesforce unique features enable businesses to deeply analyze customer journey, track potential opportunities with unique customization options and deliver personalized user experiences. Automation is the key element of Salesforce where businesses do not need to contemplate on routine tasks. Instead filling some surface level details can convert hundreds of time-consuming and tedious tasks in minutes and deliver faster.

The incredible choice and convenience available to customers’ today means businesses need to get smarter about engagement. Salesforce has the capability to examine businesses from a customer-centric point of view and make necessary recommendations. The more you adopt Salesforce for your business, the more you will be able to manage customer relations at your fingertips and improve your overall business operations.

35% of enterprises around the globe see surge in customer satisfaction using Salesforce thus this makes customer be heart of Salesforce. – Salesforce

Explore The Art of Possibilities with Cygnet Infotech’s Salesforce Certified Experts

A successful partnership of Cygnet Infotech with a US-based top-notch Construction Management company is a classic example of how businesses can leverage our proven expertise in end-to-end customized Salesforce services.

The client was facing challenge in managing multiple stakeholders from different locations and the continuous data influx in the legacy system. The existing database was unable to manage multiple invoices, leads, opportunities, sales and marketing information.

Using mobile-first approach certified Salesforce specialists at Cygnet Infotech developed a fully-functional Custom Quote and Contract System using the Salesforce Lightning feature. This enabled businesses to accelerate their overall process by embedding speed and agility, transparency and higher customer engagement in their overall business operations.

We have been a driving force of success for most of the businesses looking to harness the capabilities of Salesforce CRM. We help businesses unleash powerful insights from integrated data from multiple platforms, enable superior customer experience and optimize core business functions with Salesforce Implementation and consulting services. Apart from customer-centric benefits, Salesforce CRM has benefitted businesses across all horizons by:

  • Improving Lead Conversion
  • Engaging Customer Relationship
  • Accelerating Business Sales
  • Boosting Employee Productivity
  • Enhancing Customer Service Delivery
  • Improving Customer Retention

Our Technology first and agile approach in implementing Salesforce CRM enables enterprises to sell smartly, collaborate seamlessly and engage customers effectively. Get in touch with our Salesforce certified expert team for further details at or call us on +1-609-245-0971.

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