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Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Speeds up Digital Transformation

  • By Content Desk
  • October 2, 2019
  • 5 minutes read
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‘Digital Transformation’ the latest buzzword in the business world is getting ample attention and rightly so since it holds tremendous potential for Enterprises to stay relevant in the near and distant future.

The 2014 State of Digital Transformation report by Altimeter defines Digital Transformation as “The realignment of or investment in new technology, business models, and processes to drive value for customers and employees and more effectively compete in an ever-changing digital economy.”

Simply put, Digital Transformation is about changing the way you do business by engaging the customer through both digital as well as human touchpoints.

How should Enterprises drive Digital Transformation?

There is no one-size-fits-all formula to Digital Transformation. ‘Digital Transformation’ is in fact the umbrella term for the strategic planning and execution of the latest technology that keeps your Enterprise relevant.

digital transformation

Each Enterprise comes packed with its unique objectives, challenges and strengths, and an effective Digital Transformation strategy is meticulously crafted keeping all this in mind.

Enterprises need to stay:

  • Relevant
  • Scalable
  • Profitable

In addition, each Enterprise needs higher ROI and lower TCO.

However, most enterprises function in data silos where most technology solutions are not integrated. When different departments use different tools and technology, their data is mostly stored in clusters inaccessible by other departments that may have an immediate need to utilize such data to derive insights.

For instance, in a legacy organization, the Marketing Department is likely to keep a score of Leads in a database using Microsoft Access while the Sales department uses Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets to keep a track of things. It becomes difficult to accurately analyze and arrive at actionable conclusion for the lead generation and sales activity undertaken. Such data and technology silos pose a great challenge when it comes to the overall efficiency and productivity of the Enterprise.

Legacy Enterprise Technology Challenges:

  • No central business and customer data repository due to Silos
  • Unnecessary time-lags and delays due to lack of coordination between Teams
  • Mismanaged Business Processes leading to inefficiency
  • Lack of accurate actionable insights for important business decisions

That is why Enterprises have begun adopting CRM, Customer Relationship Management systems at a great speed.  A Zion Market Research Study on CRM asserts that the CRM Market is in fact, one of the largest software markets the world currently has, which is expected to yield a generous revenue of nearly 30 billion US dollars by 2022. That’s because enterprises, companies or corporations now understand that ‘Customer Data is a currency’ that needs to be accessible in real-time.

digital strategy

Having access to customer’s preferences and activity can be insightful for delivering personalized services. In order to make this happen, data needs to be gathered from a variety of platforms which can further be analysed. For instance, the CRM of the world’s most popular online marketplace, Amazon is equipped with intelligent algorithms that have made headlines time and again.

When you end up on your Amazon homepage, chances are you might end up buying something. That’s because you will be recommended what you’re most likely to purchase – which is again based on your previous activity and the activity of other users/buyers who have bought products like yours. This personalization is enabled due to careful organization of the data of customers’ activities and preferences.

That’s why it’s imperative that Enterprises invested in a good CRM that can also yield intelligent insights after harnessing the power of data.  No matter what your Digital Transformation strategy is, any efficient enterprise needs to have a functional, user-friendly CRM in place that offers easy integrations.

The Microsoft 365 Dynamics CRM offers variety of functionalities while also being user-friendly and is easily integrated into existing technology framework. Microsoft has enjoyed expertise in creating advanced CRM solutions for more than a decade now, and this reflects in the ease-of-use and efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for enterprises, companies and corporations.

Businesses can now easily enjoy greater control over their processes, improve customer satisfaction and streamline the sales process. Whether you have an ERP that needs automation or feel the increased need for business process optimization or you need to streamline your Digital Marketing efforts, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM forms an important component of your Digital Transformation Strategy.

Digital Transformation Strategy

How Enterprises are Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is changing the way business operate and function by improving overall operational efficiency and streamlining business processes. In addition, it allows Enterprises to carefully align the digital and human touchpoints at each phase of the customer journey for maximum customer satisfaction and profitability.

Not only that, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM does a lot more such as:

It Takes the edge off your Employees so they can focus on important tasks better…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is equipped with a flexible workflow engine allowed enterprise to automate business processes and daily operations with ease. This means employees’ mundane repetitive tasks can be automated and notifications can be sent in case of unresolved client matters. In addition, emails to partners and customers can be sent out automatically for swift and better customer service.  

It Is Easily Customizable depending on your unique business objectives and challenges…

This CRM can be easily customized depending on your business process, objectives and unique challenges. Most of the important features including links, filled forms and unique views can be configured easily without the need of roping a developer to make the customizations.

It Helps Execute Targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns

For businesses offering special deals or a new range of products, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is greatly useful. It’s unique marketing automation tool can help create campaigns from scratch for targeting specific customer set. You can also build lead lists with greater ease. Finally, its intelligent analytics capability analyzes and delivers actionable insights. Yes, and you can also automate follow-ups.

It Is Easily integrated into Outlook and other Microsoft tools like Excel

Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforms outlook into an efficiency client data, collaboration and messaging tool. All your client, marketing and sales related data gets organized into a central location including leads, pitches and call details. It completely integrates into:

  • Microsoft Office 365 including Excel, Access and more
  • Microsoft Power BI Analytics
  • Function specific Microsoft Dynamics apps for finance, retail, field service, supply chain, marketing and more
  • Other apps available on the AppSource marketplace for Dynamics and Office 365
  • Cortana, Azure and other AI/ML offerings

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM powers your Enterprise with quick and informed decisions.

Easy Application and Data Source Integration
  • Leveraging the power of the .NET framework, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM can be easily integrated into your legacy business solutions or third-party application.
  • Use website tracking to understand visitor background, preferences and activity on your website
  • Personalize emails with CRM data and track responses
  • Access order and accounting details and send for further processing for retail and supply chain management

And much more…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implementation allows enterprises to enjoy greater control over their data while also centralizing it for greater flexibility. Since, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM easily syncs with a variety of other Microsoft products, it promises greater Return on Investment with scalability, speed, and ease. It makes a great fit for any business familiar with Microsoft products and technology to kickstart their Digital Transformation initiatives.

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