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An overview

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for all organizations. One of the principal approaches is the adoption of DevOps to enable faster time to market, better quality software, and shorter development cycles. In addition, cloud adoption fulfils the need to quickly scale solutions on a global level, helping businesses attain a greater market share.

Cygnet Infotech offers DevOps services to small, medium and large enterprises to release new product features quickly. We help enterprises embrace a robust cloud strategy which comprises of the right people, processes and technology which in turn accelerates innovation.

Our capabilities

Research & Insights

Get insights about the latest trends in cloud and DevOps

Accelerate cloud journey: From cloud-adopters to cloud-forerunners

Cloud adoption enables businesses to achieve flexibility, security, rapid productization and modernize existing IT infrastructure.

Cloud Computing - The definitive guide to reimagine software services

Know how Cloud Computing enables you to achieve business agility, faster innovation, and reduced infrastructure cost.

Modernizing legacy application infrastructure to stand the test of time

Discover how DevOps can transform enterprises from being a legacy laggard to a modern wizard.

Case Studies

Discover how we help businesses achieve technology enabled business transformation.

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