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CSR at Cygnet Infotech

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Cygnet infotech is closely aligned with the organization’s mission to empower lives globally with technology enabled business solutions.

Our CSR Charter

Cygnet Infotech’s CSR charter focuses on enabling Digitization. The organization recognizes that Digitization can play an important role in bringing parity in access to opportunities, which may be otherwise inaccessible to large sections of society. The Board, Senior Management, Employees, Partners, and other stakeholders of the organization recognize their unique opportunity to contribute to building a more equitable society through the power of Digital. Taking inspiration from the ancient Indian civilizational knowledge systems and universal value systems, the organization and its stakeholders understand that the organization can thrive only when it enables the wider community to thrive. The themes of Digital Literacy and Digital Skill Development focus on exposing young students from less privileged communities to computing and digital skills, thus enabling curiosity and innovation among them. These basic digital skills serve as building blocks for their subsequent digital skill enhancement which opens a range of opportunities for them in the future. 

Our CSR Promise

We promise that we will demonstrate our organizational values by making meaningful contributions to the communities we operate in. We are committed to equitable societal growth through our digital programs. Taking inspiration from our brand’s logo, we understand the power of knowledge. We will empower those from less privileged communities, especially students, by helping them build their digital know-how for enhancing their future possibilities. 

A Snapshot of our contributions

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