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An overview

Cygnet Infotech is a global technology company that offers a suite of products and services to its clients to help them build a smart digital ecosystem. Cygnet Digital Engineering Services is its Technology Services Line of Business that works with its clients to achieve their Digital Transformation goals with a core focus on modernizing their legacy systems. Cygnet DES lays a special emphasis on helping its clients leverage the Microservices architecture, where needed.

Cygnet DES ensures that its solutions are modular, rapid, and safely assembled, disassembled, and recomposed as per evolving business, customer, and market needs, with faster delivery and in-built flexibility. Cygnet DES is a partner to clients in the competitive market space and deploys a consultative and customer-centric approach.

Cygnet DES helps clients in formalizing the development, integration, incorporating technological innovation, providing an authoritative source of truth, and establishing infrastructure and environments to ensure that the client organization is ready for the future. Cygnet DES helps clients transition from legacy systems to modern systems, including leveraging the Microservices architecture, seamlessly, by building high-quality applications. It follows agile practices for faster releases through its Quality Engineering Services, strengthening product-centric value-driven elements through continuous integration, and deployment with Cygnet DES DevOps Services. Cygnet DES develops, secures, and regulates the multi-cloud platforms with its Cloud Solutions, and enables structures and data-driven decision-making through its Analytics and Data Engineering capability, including data extraction, Business Intelligence, & Data visualization. Besides, the client has access to high-quality global technology talent to ensure that they have the best people working for their Digital Transformation goals.

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