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Cygnet Fintech Dashboard

Introduction & benefits

With the aim to empower financial institutions & make informed lending decisions, Cygnet Fintech offers automated tech-enabled data driven platform that helps analyse various business data such as bank statements, ITR, financial statements, and more to identify financial risks of the businesses, improvise credit decisioning and digitally transform lending workflows for improved customer experience.

  • Accelerate approvals and disapprovals
  • Automate financial assessment for a quicker lending process
  • Enable effective collaboration
  • Eliminate human intervention hence less error​

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Credit assessment Platform

Simplify credit analysis & decision-making by monitoring and responding to risk parameters & examining the borrower’s creditworthiness

GST Return Compliance score

Calculate the GST returns compliance score, evaluate compliance best practices, track and respond to risk, secure business functionality, and identify potential non-performing assets

Bank Statement Analyzer

Auto-analyse the bank statements for loan approvals to generate a consolidated report with multiple statements and accelerate the decision making

Business Intelligence report

Analyze the borrower’s financial data such as GST returns, bank statements, and IT returns, and perform BI reporting that covers summaries, charts, trends, and business insights

Invoice verification module for trade finance

Perform an extensive health check of the invoices available for invoice discounting purposes by validating them through GSTN, IRP and NIC data

Financial statement analysis

Extract, clean, and analyse financial statements in the real-time present in the unstructured form to generate reports for effortless lending decisioning

Underwriting platform

Automate credit decisioning & lending approach by analysing borrower’s data points such as sales data, purchase data, GST data, bank statements and more, reducing risks and increasing the probability of the credit repayment

ITR Analysis

Analyse the borrower’s income streams, income tax return fillings, financial transactions, and much more

Digital Journeys

Makes use of cutting-edge technologies to provide a virtual experience of checking loan eligibility and end-to-end loan disbursal journey

Case Studies

Discover how we help businesses achieve technology enabled business transformation.

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