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Gear up for the Phase-I of e-Invoicing implementation in KSA

Do you know manual invoice generation will be non-compliant from 4th December 2021?

Are your POS systems unable to store and print QR Code embedded Invoices?

Will you be able to sequence your e-Invoices in a unique fashion considering multiple POS systems?

Worried about your business being impacted if you lack the capability to generate real-time B2C invoices?

Worried about the e-Invoice implementation in KSA that is introducing challenges such as:

  • Non-compliant manual invoice generation and sequencing
  • Inability of POS Systems to generate QR codes
  • Unable to update multiple and disparate POS systems
  • Growing data accuracy and quality challenges
  • Limited processing ability of POS systems to meet ZATCA compliance
  • Tampering issues of documents
  • Non-compliance penalties and risks

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Meet Cygnet Infotech’s Tax Tech architect

End-to-end automated compliance platform with multiple offerings

Ready API integration to fetch & return data to POS & ERPs

QR code and e-Invoices generation in real-time

Tamper-proof system with secured login and access control management

Automate unique sequence for all transactions across multiple systems

Stay updated with ZATCA regulations

If you are a

Medium and large-scale enterprises

Finance, tax and governance professionals

ERP & POS System providers

We have the best e-Invoicing solution to cater your needs. Talk to us!

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Why us?

  • With the introduction of Phase-1 KSA e-Invoicing, all companies must digitize the front-end invoicing operations and e-Invoicing needs technology back up
  • With 125+ ERP implementations, 400+ top corporates as clients, and managing data in millions, our solution generates e-Invoices up to 20% of the total volume in India
  • Cygnet Infotech’s Tax-Tech architects will explain how to automate and meet your e-Invoicing compliance requirement with excellent support and security