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Taxpayers across GCC face various issues in VAT preparations

Increasing VAT compliance risks due to compromised authenticity of huge volumes of transactions

Inaccurate data and insights related to VAT

Tedious and time-consuming process of managing, extracting, and validating data from multiple source systems

Cumbersome process of compiling and restructuring sales & purchase data from heterogeneous systems into an acceptable format as per various laws and regulations

Complicated management of organizational structures

Growing complexity of VAT adjustments and calculations for companies spread across geographies and organizations with multiple lines of businesses

Cygnet Tax Tech architect can make lives of Tax Teams easier!

Meet our accredited VAT Returns solution: Indirect Tax Compliance Platform that helps GCC companies such as UAE, Oman, Bahrain and more to automate the VAT workflow.

Accurate and timely VAT compliance

400+ Automated data validations

RPA & file-based data extraction

Automated VAT return preparation from the data imported for all companies

Global compliance tracking

Automate VAT processes

Store confidential data

Easy integration with multiple source systems

Easy bifurcation of data simplifies the review process from system interface

Prepare and conduct business intelligence (BI) analysis

Create comprehensive internal and external reports

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Value additions

RPA bots automate goods import and export reconciliations

Invoice OCR automates invoice entries in ERP

Automated audit and refund reports gives quicker VAT refund claims

Segments we cater to

Medium and large-scale enterprises

Finance, tax and IT professionals

ERP and POS System providers

Knowledge Partners

Why us?

  • Knowledge partners
  • 150+ ERP implementations, 250+ corporate clientele, 200+ CA firms
  • Solutions across India, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, KSA, UK, EU & more
  • More than 125 crore transactions per annum are processed for e-Invoice generation
  • Round the clock support