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ITC blocked, but why?

Your business faces multiple challenges that lead to blocked ITC

Data inaccuracy and incompleteness due to data extraction from multiple data sources

Matching invoices takes up 15% of the ITC as additional cost

Waste of time and efforts in data collation, cross verifying reconciliation reports and meeting compliances

Lack of sync between professionals and tools

Poor payment decisions

Hectic vendor follow up process

Claim your blocked tax credits with Cygnet Tax Tech


Tax tech

How Cygnet Tax Tech can help you!

Meet your Cygnet Tax Tech Architect to unblock ITC and digitize tax processes for your businesses

1. Comprehensive Reconciliation Tool with API & connectors

2. Smart and integrated systems

3. Managed Service

How do we do it?

Fuzzy logic for smarter 2A & 2B reconciliation

Purchase digitization

2-Way ERP integration

Managed services

Effective vendor notifications

Advanced User Access Management

Smarter vendor payments

Secure environments

24*7 premium support

Why us?

  • 21+ years of tech expertise
  • Process 125 crore+ transactions per annum
  • Quicker TAT to Implement law changes from the gov.
  • Serve countries across the globe including India, UAE, UK, EU, Oman, Bahrain,
  • KSA 24*7 support
  • Enhanced security with in-house data centre

Our clients are:

One of the largest insurance companies in Africa
Top 5 out of 10 NIFTY 50 by market capitalization

One of the biggest healthcare & insurance company in the US

Largest FMCG companies in the world

Ten of the largest banks in India

Three of the largest pharma companies in India

One of India’s largest unicorns

Here is what our clients say about us