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About our solution

Gear up for the Phase-I of e-Invoicing implementation in Saudi Arabia from the 4th of December 2021 with Cygnet Infotech’s electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) solution.

Powered with RPA (Robotic process automation) and with 125+ ERP integrations, 400+ top corporates as clients, and managing data in millions with our Tax Compliance products across geographies, our GAZT qualified e-Invoicing solution will make e-invoice generation seamless in KSA. Also, we help businesses prepare VAT returns and comply with gov. regulations.

Most impacted businesses

Large corporates across the industries

Retail chains 

Hotels and entertainment facilities

Sports and fitness chains 

Existing challenges that our solution resolve

  • Comply with regulations by updating legacy POS systems
  • Generate TLV encoded QR code as per GAZT regulation
  • Maintain single sequencing per e-Invoicing system
  • Utilize provision of local archival of data
  • Store data in complex XML data format 
  • Integrate with GAZT system for Phase-II

Solution offerings

Ready API integration for fetching as well as returning data to POS & ERPs 

Data validation & restructuring as needed to comply with the regulations 

QR code generation & unique sequence no. generation 

Generating the XML of the e-Invoice data as per GAZT’s format

Ability to export data into local system for local archival as per GAZT requirement 

Tamper proofing of data with secured login and access control management

Regular updates in system as per updates from GAZT 

Option of cloud as well as on premise offering 

Audit trail for every activity and task performed in system 

Ensure that your business generates ZATCA compliant e-Invoices 

As per ZATCA mandatory regulations, businesses must have Quick Response Codes or QR codes on invoices for B2C transactions from 4th December 2021.

For phase 1, a QR code must contain seller’s name, seller’s VAT Registration No., time stamp (date & time), invoice total and VAT total. The phase 2 implementation requires QR codes to have seller’s name, seller’s VAT Registration No., time stamp (date & time), invoice total, VAT total, hash of XML, cryptographic stamp and UUID.

Also, ZATCA will not be liable to provide QR codes to businesses in KSA.

Are your invoices ZATCA compliant?

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