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technology that moves business

Our cygnet has evolved into a thriving swan with its values intact. It moves forward dynamically with the promise to deliver beyond expectations.

Our Purpose

To gain a lifelong, trusting customer who sees us as a partner.

Our Promise

Cygnet Infotech is a trusted partner that designs, builds, optimizes, and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that transform businesses.

Our Swan

Our logo - The Swan

In the ever-transforming landscape of business and technology, our passion to empower lives with technology remains unchanged. Our cygnet has evolved into a thriving swan, with its values intact, dynamically moving forward with the promise to deliver beyond expectations. The swan in our logo represents the intangible aspects of our brand that are rooted in the Indian civilizational knowledge systems. The swan is considered to be a carrier of knowledge. It is believed that swans can separate milk from water, नीरक्षीरविवेक (Neerksheervivek), which represents the ability to bring out the pure essence of something whilst leaving the rest aside. Swans are also said to be committed lifelong to one partner. Our brand and our people take inspiration from these aspects of knowledge, discernment, and fidelity to build lasting relationships, with our clients and other stakeholders, that drive value.

Our Brands

Our family of brands ensures that we bring the full strength of the entire organization to all our clients. Our Technology Services sub-brand focuses exclusively on our Technology Services offerings from high-end Product Engineering to IT staff augmentation. Our Tax Technology sub-brand brings together the best of our compliance and other Tax Tech offerings under one umbrella. Our strong product brands namely Cygnature, blockchain based digital signing solution; TestingWhiz, codeless test automation tool; AutomationWhiz, bot universe with on-demand and ready-to-deploy bots; and Cygneto, Web & Mobile ordering solution and Field Sales Management; are endorsed with our Cygnet Infotech master brand to ensure that we deliver the best products to our clients.

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