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About our solution

Tax functions across organizations are evolving and becoming digital to ensure they stay compliant with the government bodies. Organizations are using multiple systems, dealing with large volumes of data, managing numerous vendors, and dealing with the digitizing tax landscape across the globe. Governments across the globe are using digital platforms to assess the data compiled by enterprise taxpayers and have started using various modern technologies.

Evolving governance and compliances have led tax functions across organizations to leverage advanced technologies. Businesses are looking to leverage this trend, but the trickiest part is knowing how to get started especially when there are many diverse systems, formats and large volume of data. This is where it is critical to partners with a tax technology team that goes beyond consulting to end-to-end implementation and execution of the project.

Tax Technology for compliance

Cygnet Infotech is a global tax technology provider. Our expertise lies in leveraging Big Data, RPA, AI, ML for efficient, compliant and error free indirect tax management. In the digital era, organizations & their growth strategies are becoming complex. Managing indirect taxes & related responsibilities is not only affecting the Tax department but also IT, Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, and beyond.

Cygnet Infotech’s VAT Automation and Compliance Solution simplifies the process of preparing VAT returns for companies globally. Powered with the capabilities of Automation, the solution extracts source data from various business systems, performs extensive validations as per the prevalent country VAT laws.

End-To-End automation approach

Automated VAT

Vat automation in UAE

VAT Automation in UAE

Vat automation in Europe

VAT Automation in Europe

Solution features


The solution can be deployed on-premises or on the cloud offering multi-organization and multi-division access.

Comprehensive dashboard

Interactive dashboard displaying Business Intelligence charts, region-wise sales, and purchases and VAT statistics.

Agent’s dashboards

Easy-view deadlines, deliverable status, and resource allocation with comprehensive and dedicated agent dashboards.

Business Intelligence reports

Detailed 15+ Business Intelligence reports which showcase the past and current views of business operations, liabilities, and payment details.

Fully automated solution

Fully automated software solution that helps businesses bridge the gap between tax rules and regulations and VAT return filings.

Various connectors

Provides seamless syncing of transactional data from heterogeneous business solutions like ERP, CMS, and accounting software.

Strong data validation

Check if the uploaded data is in the correct legally approved format or not. For incorrect data, the relevant validations are displayed.

VAT compliance

Re-modelling of data for VAT compliant formats using rule-based data processing and conversion.

Improved reconciliations

Multiple reconciliations to assist tax professionals in correcting and updating the data before filing returns.

Track the status of your tax compliance with our compliance tracking solution

Cygnet Infotech and Aeolus have come up with a solution that allows Tax Heads and CFOs to track the status of their tax compliance submissions across the globe. The solution enables tracking of compliance deadlines, helps in task assignment, view document history trail, among others.

With compliance tracker solution

Never miss a deadline

Get notified on due dates

Check the real time document status

Research & Insights

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