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About our solution

Organizations rely on a contingent workforce to perform regular business operations. With the evolution of digital workplaces and increased regulations, vendor management is a critical part of the business strategy. But it can become cumbersome to handle each vendor manually. Cygnet Infotech’s Vendor Management Portal is a web-based fully integrated solution that supports end-to-end business processes like purchase requisitions, Request-For-Quote, invoice reconciliation with the GSTN network, and tracking payments. Implementing a vendor management system can help in managing the vendors & suppliers and increase business efficiency.

Our solution is best fit for

Chief Procurement Officer

Reduce the risks in procurement operations for smarter & quicker business decisions.

Purchase managers

Centralize & standardize many processes such as payments, invoicing and billing rates, contract approval and more.

Account payable team

Automate the accounts payable process, enhance its quality, accuracy & speed and enable hassle-free purchase transactions.

Solution features

Multi-tenant model

Manage multiple vendors using this cloud-based hosting portal.

Vendor dashboard

Facilitate vendors to locate the information they need instead of calling or emailing the buyer every time.

End-to-end automation

The registered users can automate end-to-end procurement and payable process.

GSTN Verification

Easy to check the invoices uploaded by the vendor on the GSTN and perform invoice reconciliation with GSTN data.

Vendor Payment Management

Get a centralized view of the status of all vendors and other details such as vendors’ payment status along with managing their payments.


Fetch the reconciled invoice data available on GSTN with GSTN API.

Multiple Integrations

REST API based integration imports bulk invoices from source systems.

Invoice Reconciliation

In Purchase order invoices reconciliation, matched invoices are marked ready for payment & mismatched are highlighted separately.

Invoice OCR Scanning

Extract invoice details from pdf and physical invoice and maintain different invoice templates for different vendors.

Tool integrations

Research & Insights

Importance of having a transparent vendor eco-system

A transparent vendor eco-system is crucial not only for an organization but also for the vendors as this helps in saving time, costs and improves vendor efficiencies.

Complex return filing and complete digitization – A GST haywire

GST digitization will bring in more complexity to the return filing process. GST Suvidha Provider assists you in smooth transition.

Case Studies

Discover how we help businesses achieve technology enabled business transformation.

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